Airborne became a reality for the two owners Melanie Ruggiero and Leah Tanquary in September 1994. Starting our own gymnastics program was a dream for us. We wanted to provide a place for all children to experience the beauty of gymnastics, a sport we all loved. Our hope is to serve the community and nurture each and every child to be the best they can be. Whether gymnastics is enjoyed at a recreational level or pursued at the competition level, the benefits of physical, mental, and social interaction can be used in all aspects of the developing child. We hope to share all of the positive experiences and knowledge we have gained through this amazing sport with you and your family for years to come.


Melanie Ruggiero

I fell in love with gymnastics when I became a “human doll” for my big sister Leah. She would perfect her spotting skills day after day in our garage and we would play gymnastics for hours. The passion I have for this sport has carried me through many aspects in my life.
To be able to share what I do each day with my family is a blessing. The rock in my life is my husband, Al and our 3 children Maila, Cade, and Solei.
For 14 years at Airborne I have been fortunate enough to have experienced and worked with such gifted little athletes and watch them develop into confident, young women.
Being a part of Airborne has given me the opportunity to work and staff some of the best coaches in the country and develop relationships with many wonderful people. It is and continues to be an amazing experience!

Leah Tanquary

I have been involved in gymnastics most of my life both as a competitor and a coach. I started gymnastics when I was seven years old, and have been coaching for more years than I want to mention. I graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. degree in athletic training with a focus on sports medicine.
I have a 23 year old son who provides me with both my greatest joys and challenges in life and who knows that he always comes first.
What I love the most about being involved in gymnastics is that success can be measured in teaching a toddler to jump, climb, or simply wait their turn, to teaching a young girl to fly through the air and in the thousands of steps in between. What I strive to achieve in our program at Airborne is to give to each person that walks through our doors a positive experience that they will carry with them the rest of their life.

What does Airborne Gymnastics offer?

Airborne offers a variety of classes for children from crawlers to 18 years old. Airborne offers recreational gymnastics classes for both boys and girls of all ages and abilities to learn the sport. We offer a specialized tumbling and trampoline class for those children wanting to learn specific tumbling skills. Our parkour program is available to children ages 3 1⁄2 and older to experience the new sport of parkour. Airborne also offers adults the opportunity to learn gymnastics through our adult program. Our competitive girls’ team competes in artistic gymnastics meets throughout the country.

Can my child do a trial to see if they like the class?

Yes! We offer one free trial class to each new student. Please contact the office to schedule a trial class for your child. Returning students or students that are promoted to a new class are not eligible for a trial class. Download our Trial Waiver form here.

How do I register for a class?

Registrations are completed through the office. Airborne does not offer online registration. Please contact the office by phone or email to inquire about open classes. Registration packets may be picked up from the front desk once enrolled in a class.

Do your classes have waitlists?

Many of our classes may have a waitlist to enroll, however, we allow new students to take ONE free trial class before deciding to register or join a waitlist. If there is no waitlist for the class, we can enroll your child for the next available start date. If there are no spaces available, students are allowed to be on a maximum of 3 waitlists. We will contact families from the waitlist as space become available.

Can we join a class mid-month? Will my fees be adjusted?

Yes! Our programs are year-round and can be entered into at any time of the year for recreational students. Your child’s monthly tuition will be pro-rated appropriately when the start of the class is in the middle of the month. Multi-student discounts do not apply when fees are pro-rated. Airborne does not pro-rate fees for absences or make-ups.

Is there a registration fee?

Airborne Gymnastics has a $50 non-refundable annual registration fee that is due for each child prior to starting any class. This fee includes secondary coverage through   K & K Insurance Group Inc. and is required for all students. Registration fees are renewed each year on the anniversary of your child’s enrollment.

How do I make a payment?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, or check for monthly tuition. You may pay directly with the front desk or call to make a credit card payment over the phone. Airborne also allows families to register for Automatic Payment with the front desk.

Do you prorate for holidays and gym closures?

We do not prorate any monthly tuition for holidays or gym closures. An additional make-up class may be offered when the gym is closed for holidays if your student is receiving less than four classes in a month.

Do you offer make-ups if my child misses a class?

Yes. Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy. Due to our full class rosters, students are only allowed to do ONE make-up class in a calendar month. Your child must be currently enrolled in a class to do any make-ups. All make-up classes must be scheduled with the office up to 7 days in advance. Make-up classes must be completed 30 days before or up to 30 days after the absence. (Diaper Dyno’s and Pre-Team classes are not offered makeups).

What is Airborne’s cancellation policy?

We require a written notice at least 7 days prior to the month you would like to cancel. We do not drop students mid-month.  In order to process your cancellation and avoid being charged for the following month, you must file your cancellation in one of the two following ways: 1) You may fill out a cancellation form at the front desk OR 2) You may send us an email with your child’s full name and class name.

We will be gone for 2-3 months during the summer. Can you hold my child’s spot?

Airborne does not have a “hold policy”. Monthly tuition is required to remain active in classes. If you do not wish to pay regular monthly tuition to guarantee your child’s spot, you must submit a cancellation notice at least 7 days prior to the month you would like to cancel (*See cancellation policy). If you know you are leaving for summer you can place your child on the wait-list for the same level class in advance in order to increase your chances of getting back into the class upon your return.

What should my child wear?

Students should dress in comfortable clothing such as a leotard, or shorts and a t-shirt. (Please do not send your child to class wearing jeans, khakis, or any attire with belts, buckles, buttons, or zippers). Long hair should be tied back into a single ponytail. No jewelry is allowed on the floor and should be removed prior to the start of class along with socks and shoes.

Where can I park?

Airborne has parking spaces available in the front, right side, and back of the building. Please do not park in the Windustrial building’s parking lot (left side to Airborne) as cars may be towed.  Parking is permitted on Windustrial’s side Monday through Friday after 5:00 pm and on weekends. For safety, all children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when walking through the parking lot.

How does my child move up to the next level?

Our preschool program classes (Diaper Dynos, Minimights, Dynamights and Dynamos) are based on age.  Each child will be promoted to the next level when they meet the age requirement for that level.  All classes from the Beginning level to the Advanced level are based on skill acquisition.  Each level has a specific list of skill requirements.  All skills for that level must be consistently mastered before the student is promoted to the next level.

When is my child evaluated?

Students are continuously being evaluated during their class.  We do provide the parents Progress Reports twice per year to provide feedback about their student’s current progress in the class.

How do I speak to my child’s coaches?

You may speak to an instructor in our lobby area directly before or after your child’s class.  You may also request an instructor’s e-mail address from the front office to communicate with them about your child.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes.  Private lessons are scheduled directly with the coaches.  You may contact any coach for their availability for private lessons.  You may also request a coach’s e-mail address from the front desk to communicate with them about private lessons.  All students MUST have a completed registration form and non-refundable $50 annual registration fee prior to starting any private lessons or classes. Please contact your coach directly to inquire about availability and rates.

Policies and Procedures

Airborne Gymnastics welcomes you to a positive and enriching year-round program, which can be entered at any time of year for recreational and competitive gymnasts. Airborne Gymnastics is also a great supplement for Martial Arts, Cheer-leading, Dance, Diving, and all other sports.

Signing Up

A free trial is offered to new students only. Please schedule all trials through the office. New students or students with previous gymnastics experience will be evaluated during the free trial and placed in the appropriate class. A waiver form MUST be filled out by a PARENT/GUARDIAN to participate.

Registration Forms
A parent/guardian must complete a Registration and Medical Insurance Information form for each child attending classes. This form is vital in ensuring your child’s welfare and is due with your initial payment. This form must also be updated yearly by a parent/guardian.

Fees and Payments

Our program is based on a 4 week month. The months that offer 5 weeks compensate for the holidays when the gym is closed. Tuition is payable on the FIRST of the month. If payment has not been received by the 10th of the month, a $10 late fee will be added to your account. Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Registration Fees
A non-refundable fee of $50 is due for each child attending classes. This fee is secondary insurance and will pay all fees not covered by your primary policy. This fee is due annually and is renewed every year on the anniversary of your enrollment.

Prorating of Fees
The proration of fees is only allowed for new students that are starting mid-month. Airborne DOES NOT prorate fees for absences or make-ups.

Family Discount
Families with more than one child enrolled in gymnastics will receive an eight-dollar ($8) discount per child when paying the month in full.

Late Fee
A ten-dollar ($10) late fee will be assessed to your monthly tuition if not received by the 10th of the month.

Payment Options
Airborne Gymnastics only accepts check, cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard). A returned check will result in a twenty-five dollar ($25) fee. This fee and your child’s tuition fee must be paid in cash before your child will be allowed to participate in class.

Automatic Payment
To register for Automatic Payment, please fill out the “Automatic Credit Card Registration” form with the front office. We cannot enter your credit card information into our database unless you fill out this form. Automatic Payment is processed between the 3rd and 8th of each month. If your credit card information changes, we will need notification prior to the 1st of the month. We accept Visa or MasterCard.

Securing your spot
Due to our strict student to teacher ratios, tuition must be paid by the 10th of the month, to secure your child’s spot for the month. If payment is not received by the end of the month, the child will be dropped from their current class. Once your balance has been cleared they may reenroll in available classes.

Late Pick-Up Charge
Please be prompt when picking up your child. The gym closes at 8:30 p.m. sharp Monday-Friday. On Saturday the gym closes at 3:30 p.m. The late pick up charge is $7.50 per 15 minutes (or a portion of).


Please notify the office when your child will not be attending class. As a courtesy to our other students please do not bring your sick child to class. Please contact the office to schedule a make-up.

Make-ups are offered as a courtesy. Due to our strict student to teacher ratios and a very full roster, your child will be allowed to do only 1 make-up per month. Your child must currently be enrolled at Airborne to do make-ups. All make-ups must be completed 1 month prior to, or after the child’s absence. All make-ups are scheduled by appointment, where space is available, and cannot be rescheduled. Make-ups are scheduled with the office, no earlier than seven days in advance. Diaper Dynos and Pre-Team classes are not offered makeups.

In order to stop the next month from being charged, a cancellation form, or email must be received at least one week (seven days) prior to the month you are dropping for. If you are on Automatic Payment, we will not refund processed tuition for late cancellations.


Students should dress in comfortable clothing such as leotards, shorts, T-shirts, or warm-up suits. Please do not send your child to class wearing jeans, khaki or any attire with belts, buckles and buttons. Hair should be secured away from the face, single ponytail preferred. No socks or shoes will be allowed on the gym floor.

Student Advancement
Your child will receive a promotion certificate upon completion of each level when their skills are accomplished.

Parking Lot
Parking is allowed in front or around the Airborne side of the building. Please do not park in the Windustrial building’s parking lot (Next door), as cars may be towed. Also, children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when walking through the parking lot.

Children are not allowed to play on the gymnastics equipment, in the parking lot, or around the perimeter of the building (even when accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

General Photo/Video Release
Airborne Gymnastics may film or take photographs during classes, events or other activities for promotional use. You may contact the office if you want your child removed from any promotional material they may appear in.