Our Story

Airborne Gymnastics has been a female, family-owned business since 1994, serving the Santa Clara community for almost 30 years! Owners Melanie Ruggiero and Leah Tanquary discovered a love for competitive gymnastics at a young age. Both women graduated from San José State University, where Melanie competed as a Spartan on the NCAA gymnastics team.

Opening Airborne was a dream for both sisters hoping to inspire young girls by sharing their passion for the sport of gymnastics.

After 15 years in our original location, we were fortunate enough to move into a beautiful 25,000 sq. ft. facility with the ability to add additional programs for Boys and Parkour. However, our mission remains the same.

Our goal is to nurture and create the desire in each child and young adult to be the best they can be when they walk into Airborne.

Our top priority is to provide a positive environment where the health and well-being of all children are at the forefront of what we do. We take tremendous pride in being a part of what we consider an Airborne Family. At the heart of who we are, is a staff of experienced, passionate instructors with the common goal of sharing our love for this amazing sport. At Airborne, we employ one of the most experienced groups of instructors in the Bay Area, providing a refined curriculum to inspire children in our community to be active while having FUN. This model has allowed us to watch eager-to-learn toddlers develop into thriving young adults.

From little girls to adult women, Airborne represents the largest number of NCAA scholarship athletes from any gym in Northern California.

Airborne is unique in the relationship and collaboration between owners, managers, and staff members (many have been employed with us for 15-25 years!)  In addition, you will find both owners are present and accessible throughout the week. We are committed to maintaining a clean, safe, state-of-the-art facility year-round.