Airborne Zoom Program!

Airborne Families,

Airborne is excited to announce the launch of our new online Zoom program and curriculum! We have been hard at work to develop a comprehensive class schedule offering age-appropriate instruction for our recreational gymnastics and parkour programs.

Enroll in an unlimited number of online classes that fit your child’s current level for the same price as our regular single-class monthly tuition. Airborne continues to offer the highest quality of gymnastics instruction. We will be limiting our class sizes to ensure proper attention and interaction with all students. Register for your class times each week using our Parent Portal. We will send out reminders every Saturday to register for the following week. You can register for class times up to six days in advance.

Enrollment in our Zoom program does not affect your previous enrollment. Your child’s spot in their normal in-person classes will not be impacted by attending Zoom classes. Online instruction is not mandatory and is offered as a supplementary option during the current national crisis.

We are excited to see our students again and look forward to sharing the depth of our fitness knowledge via this new medium! Want a PDF version of our schedule? See our full schedule here.

Airborne Zoom Program FAQs.

Preschool, Dynamos & Parkour Mach 1& 2

  • 3 yrs to 7 yrs
  • 45 min class
  • Class developed to help your child expend energy and practice basic gymnastics shapes and stretches. Instructors focus on flexibility development, core strengthening, and gross motor control in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

45 mins – $99 per month


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Girls Recreational Gymnastics

  • 7 yrs and up
  • 60 min class
  • Beginning Classes are focused on teaching and expanding on basic gymnastics body shapes and exercises. Instructors work to create an upbeat environment for children to learn beginner bodyweight exercises and develop the flexibility to perform higher-level gymnastics skills.
  • Intermediate Classes are for experienced students aimed at maintaining your daughter’s strength and flexibility. Coaches lead challenging workouts centered on conditioning skills as well as event-specific drills. Our Intermediate and Advanced classes will be combined.
  • Advanced Classes are challenging workouts led by experienced coaches designed to challenge your daughter and help her maintain and improve on her previous levels of athleticism and mobility. Our Intermediate and Advanced classes will be combined.

Beginning Schedule – 60 mins – $125 per month


Intermediate & Advanced Schedule – 60 mins – $125 per month


Parent Portal login: JackRabbit Parent Log In

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Beginning Boys, Parkour Basics, Intermediate/Advanced

  • 7 yrs and up
  • 60 min class
  • Class with high energy instructors aimed at supporting your child in expending their energy in a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere. Stretching and flexibility practice coupled with bodyweight exercises and movement games.

Schedule - $125 per month