Our Xcel program is designed to offer a broad-based competitive experience outside the traditional Development Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. Our Xcel program requirements allow more flexibility and support a larger variety of skills for the girls to choose from when constructing their routines.

The Airborne Gymnastics Team emphasizes mental and physical discipline, strong basics, and technical precision. We aim to teach self-esteem, motivation, discipline, determination, work ethic, time management, leadership, and sportsmanship.

Our guiding principles and policies have created a team that cherishes individuality and emphasizes team dedication. Competing locally within the vibrant Bay Area, our Xcel team strives to secure a spot in the State Championships across four distinct levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Xcel Highlights:

2023 Xcel Silver State Champions

Mandy Zhang

Linnea Fowler

2023 Xcel Gold State Champions 

Abbie Leung

2022 Xcel Platinum State Champions

Allison Gentile-Joyce

2022 Xcel Diamond State Champions

Lilou Pelloux-Gervais

Emma Robbins

2020 Xcel Gold State Champions

Adelaide Clayton

Tabitha Koo

2020 Xcel Platinum Champions

Nathalia Jacinto

2020 Xcel Diamond Champions

Lilou Pelloux-Gervais

Emma Robbins

2019 Xcel Gold State Champions

Milana Passamani

Vibusha Hiremath

2019 Xcel Platinum Champions

Samantha LaBelle

Winter Kamas