We have outlined the 2024 attendance calendars below. Please review the appropriate calendar that pertains to your child’s enrollment. There are separate calendars for our Recreational & Pre-Competitive, Pre-Team, and Team programs, as they have different attendance schedules throughout the year.

Our Recreational & Pre-Competitive calendar outlines all closures, Special Make-up dates, and Staff In-Service Days, where normally scheduled classes will not be held.

Special Make-up Dates

These dates will allow families who miss one of their four classes due to an Airborne closure to schedule their make-up session. No regularly scheduled classes will be held on these dates.

Staff In-Service days

Staff in-service days are professional development days that allow our staff to learn new skills and teaching techniques, improve their lesson plans, and enhance student learning.

Download our Airborne App

This app will make it easier for you to manage your account through the Parent Portal, check class availability, special events, see our calendar, and share photos.

Additionally, the app will provide important notifications about closures, new class updates, announcements, and upcoming events, so you’ll never miss a thing! The app will also be utilized to alert families of any emergency adjustments or closures.