The Airborne Parkour Squad (APS) is an excellent opportunity for active kids to learn discipline, train, and work on building mental resilience. As a member of APS, you will be part of an upbeat group where the culture encourages progressing mental and physical goals with Parkour/Ninja skills. Led by our incredible Parkour coaches, this “squad” will take part in exclusive events:

* Parkour/Ninja Warrior Jams

* Tag Nights

To be eligible for APS, your child must be currently enrolled in our Parkour program at the Basics level or above. There will be an additional focus on strengthening the body and mind through activities full of fun games, challenges, and Parkour techniques. We have developed a unique merit system where kids can enjoy earning cool decals to place on their member (APS) T-shirts. These badges will reflect the various skills and challenges they learn and accomplish in class.

Our outstanding Parkour staff takes pride in instructional and individual progressions for teaching Beginning through Advanced Ninja? Parkour skills. Kids can expect various innovative obstacle course challenges and will earn “cool” merit badges for skill achievements to place on their Squad shirt. Our APS curriculum is taught by our APEX and ADAPT-certified Parkour staff. Be a part of APS and come flip with us at our exclusive events!

Come join us for fun and flips at our 2022 Airborne Parkour Jam!

The Airborne Parkour Jam is one of our new exclusive events for Parkour Squad members! Students will have Airborne’s entire 20,000 sqft facility to run challenging obstacle courses, play games, and put their skills to the test. This fun and high-energy event is our way of giving students a place where they can meet new friends, show off their awesome skills, and share their passion for parkour with others! This event will take place quarterly on Sunday evenings.

Upcoming Dates:

Sun. July 17th – 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Cost: $35 per squad member.

What to expect:

Obstacle Courses: Huge custom-built obstacle courses inspired by American Ninja Warrior!

Warped Wall: Be the first to conquer our new 12 Ft. Warped Wall!

Games: Play awesome games like Parkour Tag, Foam Pit dodge-ball, and more!

Free-Flow and Skill Session: Students will get an opportunity to create and run their own parkour course and show us their creativity!

Exclusive Parkour Badge: Students will receive a special Parkour Jam badge only given to members who attend!